Fighting Hepatitis with Jyoti Ranjan

March 2011

Jyoti Ranjan Panda, aged 21yrs, comes from a poor farming family in Orissa. He nurtures dream of a sustainable career and has been taking vocational training at ITI. However, he contracted an infection of Hepatitis B virus after a minor nasal operation he underwent at his village sometime back.

He sought required medical intervention and has been on entecavir therapy for the past 6 months. He needed a blood test (HBV DNA Quantitative) to verify the the progression of the treatment which would have decided further course of therapy. This case was brought to our attention by our friend Sriman Misra, who had been helping Jyoti by using his professional medical network, besides direct help. We supported Jyoti by providing the amount needed for his HBV DNA test. Jyoti Ranjan was unfortunate to contract Hepatitis B virus and had to undergo sustained treatment to be able to live properly.