Project Slate

Previously children studied on a piece of slate, and in many places they still do. Project Slate is an initiative to aid a similar education methodology – students depending on a single screen for their education – smartphone or similar devices.


Odisha is one of the underdeveloped and economically backward states of India (Odisha’s per capita GDP was $ 1,600 vs India’s average of $ 2,338 in FY20). The different phases of lockdown and shutdown because of Covid19, has led to complete disruption of education, especially for the underprivileged children of Odisha.

  • In Odisha, close to 62 lakh children study in government schools but only 6 lakh (just 10%) children are availing online education.
  • More than 70% parents of rural Odisha have not been able to provide their children handsets with data pack facilities.
  • Around 6,00,000 students are estimated to appear for matriculation examinations this year.
  • Education imparted through a phone screen is difficult for a student to grasp and comprehend.
  • Although a noble gesture, help extended through used handsets, is not a feasible solution as the donated devices are not updated and are prone to malfunctioning.

The challenges in online education are threatening to overshadow the dreams of lakhs of students - to be educated and provide a better future for their families.


Provide android tablets with in-built internet connectivity to meritorious students who are to appear for matriculation examinations and few teachers, in rural areas of Odisha who cannot afford smartphones and data packs. This would enable and encourage students to continue their education, thereby lowering dropout rates. Tablets will be distributed to students and teachers through regional NGOs.

Aid Needed

  • Funding of approx INR 1cr (USD 135,000) needed to procure and distribute 1000 tablets, with pre-paid internet connectivity.


We are really happy to share that we had started Project Slate in August 2020, till now we have distributed more than 200 tabs in the first phase, and would be completing 500 tabs by this August. Here are some of the pictures capturing some happy smiles.

Would you like to support Project Slate ?

We look forward to procuring the remaining 800 tabs in the second phase in the upcoming months and distributing it at the earliest. Let’s together make sure that we make a small difference in a needy child's education.

If Project Slate interests you, we would be grateful to get your support. Your contribution can be a big help. To contribute please fill up the form, and you may then transfer to the bank account mentioned. Alternatively, please write to us at [email protected] for any clarifications or further information.

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